Oahu is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, and if you’re a dog owner, you’re in luck! The island offers a variety of dog-friendly hikes that allow you to explore the breathtaking beauty of Oahu with your furry friend. From lush forested trails to stunning vistas, Oahu has something for every type of hiker. Get ready to lace up your hiking shoes and discover the 9 best dog-friendly hikes on the island.

Key Takeaways:

  • Experience the stunning beauty of Oahu while hiking with your dog.
  • Choose from a variety of dog-friendly trails, ranging from easy to challenging.
  • Protect your dog from potential hazards, such as mud and mosquitoes, on certain trails.
  • Enjoy panoramic views, waterfalls, and unique features along the hikes.
  • Try to bring water for both you and your furry companion and keep the trails clean.

Manoa Falls Trail

The Manoa Falls Trail is a popular and fairly easy 1.6-mile trail that leads to the stunning Manoa Falls waterfall. Surrounded by lush greenery and tropical plants, this trail provides shade on hot days. It’s perfect for beginners, dogs with little legs, or those looking for an easier hike. Just be aware that the trail can get muddy, so proper footwear is recommended. Don’t forget to protect yourself and your furry friend from mosquitoes too.

When hiking the Manoa Falls Trail, you’ll be greeted by the tranquil sounds of nature. The trail takes you through a beautiful forest filled with bamboo, eucalyptus trees, and wild ginger. Keep an eye out for native birds and other wildlife along the way. The highlight of the trail is, of course, the 150-foot Manoa Falls, which cascades down into a picturesque pool. It’s the perfect spot to take a break, snap some photos, and enjoy the refreshing mist.

As I hiked the Manoa Falls Trail with my dog, I couldn’t help but be in awe of the natural beauty surrounding us. The sight of the towering waterfall was truly breathtaking, and my furry companion seemed just as captivated. We took our time exploring the trail, stopping to admire the vibrant foliage and listen to the soothing sounds of the forest. It was a memorable experience, and one that I highly recommend to fellow dog owners looking for a peaceful and scenic hike in Oahu.

Make sure to bring plenty of water for you and your dog, as there are no water sources along the trail. It’s also important to keep your dog on a leash to ensure the safety of wildlife, other hikers, and your pet. With its natural beauty and pet-friendly atmosphere, the Manoa Falls Trail is undoubtedly one of the best hikes in Oahu for dogs and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

Table: Manoa Falls Trail Highlights

Trail Length Difficulty Scenic Views Waterfall
1.6 miles Easy Lush greenery, tropical plants Manoa Falls – 150 feet

‘Aiea Loop Trail

If you’re seeking a longer hike with breathtaking views, the ‘Aiea Loop Trail is a top choice. Spanning 7.9 miles, this trail offers stunning vistas of Pearl Harbor and Diamond Head. The trail features a gentle incline and can get slippery after rain, so be prepared for some mud along the way. Parts of the trail are shaded by tree canopies, providing a cool respite from the Hawaiian sun. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen and protect your dog’s nose if it’s pink.

The ‘Aiea Loop Trail is perfect for nature enthusiasts and those looking for a more challenging hike. The panoramic views are worth the effort, and the trail’s serene atmosphere allows you to connect with the beauty of nature. Take a moment to soak in the views, breathe in the fresh air, and appreciate the wonders of Oahu’s landscape.

Table: Comparison of ‘Aiea Loop Trail with other dog-friendly hikes in Oahu

Trail Name Length (miles) Difficulty Views
‘Aiea Loop Trail 7.9 Moderate Panoramic views of Pearl Harbor and Diamond Head
Manoa Falls Trail 1.6 Easy Manoa Falls waterfall, lush greenery
Makapu’u Lighthouse Lookout Trail 2.5 Easy Panoramic ocean views, potential whale sightings
Lulumahu Falls Unknown Moderate Bamboo forest, 50-foot waterfall

As you can see from the table above, the ‘Aiea Loop Trail offers a longer and more moderate hike compared to other dog-friendly trails in Oahu. With its stunning views of Pearl Harbor and Diamond Head, it’s a must-visit for hikers and their furry companions.

Try to pack plenty of water, snacks, and waste bags for your hike. Keep your dog on a leash and be respectful of other hikers and the environment. Enjoy the beauty of ‘Aiea Loop Trail and create lasting memories with your canine companion.

'Aiea Loop Trail

‘Ualaka’a Trail

The ‘Ualaka’a Trail is a serene and picturesque trail that offers a delightful experience for both hikers and their furry companions. Spanning just over 1 mile, this trail is perfect for a leisurely walk or a short trail run amidst the beautiful natural surroundings of Oahu. The trail is known for its shaded pathways, making it an ideal choice for those looking to escape the heat of the sun.

One of the highlights of the ‘Ualaka’a Trail is its popularity among birdwatchers. The trail is home to a variety of bird species, making it a paradise for bird enthusiasts. Keep your eyes and ears open as you stroll along this trail, and you may be lucky enough to spot and hear the melodic songs of some of Oahu’s native birds.

“The ‘Ualaka’a Trail offers a peaceful and serene hiking experience, perfect for those looking to connect with nature and enjoy the company of their four-legged friends.”

the ‘Ualaka’a Trail intersects with other trail systems, allowing you to explore additional routes with the help of a trail map. This provides hikers with the opportunity to customize their hiking experience and discover new hidden gems along the way. However, I would advise that you be mindful of other trail users and keep your dog under control, especially in areas where hunting dogs may be present.

Trail Features Details
Trail Length Just over 1 mile
Difficulty Level Easy
Hiking Time Approximately 30 minutes
Highlights Shaded pathways, birdwatching opportunities

Embark on the ‘Ualaka’a Trail and immerse yourself in the tranquility of nature, while enjoying the company of your beloved canine companion.

'Ualaka'a Trail

Makapu’u Lighthouse Lookout Trail

Makapu'u Lighthouse Lookout Trail

When it comes to panoramic views and whale watching, the Makapu’u Lighthouse Lookout Trail in Oahu is a must-visit for dog-friendly hikes. This 2.5-mile trail offers a moderate level of difficulty, with an incline that might challenge some dogs. However, the reward at the top is well worth the effort. From the summit, hikers are treated to breathtaking panoramic views of the coastline and the Pacific Ocean. On clear days, you might even spot humpback whales during their migration season.

The Makapu’u Lighthouse Lookout Trail is open year-round, making it a great option for outdoor enthusiasts in any season. The well-maintained trail is suitable for both experienced hikers and beginners looking to explore the natural beauty of Oahu. Just be sure to bring plenty of water for you and your furry friend, especially on hot and sunny days.

As you make your way along the trail, take some time to appreciate the unique flora and fauna that call this area home. Keep an eye out for native Hawaiian plants like the yellow hibiscus and the koa tree. And don’t forget your camera to capture the stunning views and memories of your dog-friendly adventure on the Makapu’u Lighthouse Lookout Trail.

Makiki Valley Trail: A Serene and Forested Hiking Experience

Makiki Valley Trail

The Makiki Valley Trail in Oahu is a hidden gem for dog-friendly hikes. This tranquil trail takes you through a lush and forested area, offering a peaceful escape from the bustling city. As you meander along the 2.5-mile loop, you’ll be surrounded by dense vegetation and towering trees covered in vines, creating a truly picturesque setting for your outdoor adventure.

The trail is relatively easy, making it suitable for hikers of all levels. However, watch out for rocks and tree roots that can present tripping hazards. The serenity and natural beauty of the Makiki Valley Trail make it a favorite among locals and visitors alike. You and your furry friend will love exploring this enchanting trail and immersing yourselves in the tranquility of nature.

Table: Makiki Valley Trail Highlights

Trail Length Difficulty Highlights
2.5 miles Easy – Lush forested trail
– Serene and peaceful atmosphere
– Abundance of wildlife
– Beautiful photo opportunities

Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or just starting out, the Makiki Valley Trail is a must-visit destination for dog owners in Oahu. Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature, enjoy the peaceful surroundings, and create lasting memories with your canine companion. Don’t forget to bring plenty of water and snacks for both you and your dog, and always practice Leave No Trace principles to help preserve the trail for future hikers.

Lulumahu Falls: Discover the Adventure of the Bamboo Forest

If you’re looking for a unique and adventurous hike on Oahu, Lulumahu Falls is the perfect choice. This hidden gem takes you through a mesmerizing bamboo forest and rewards you with the breathtaking sight of a stunning 50-foot waterfall. It’s an off-the-beaten-path trail that will make you feel like you’ve stepped into a tropical paradise.

Lulumahu Falls

The adventure begins with a reservation, as this trail is located on private property. Once you’ve secured your spot, be prepared for a short but thrilling hike. The trail can be tricky to find and is not well-maintained, so exercise caution as you navigate through the lush bamboo forest. Make sure to wear appropriate footwear that provides good traction.

As you make your way towards the falls, you’ll be surrounded by the tranquility of the bamboo forest. The tall bamboo stalks create a serene atmosphere and offer protection from the sun, making it a pleasant hike even on hot days. Keep an eye out for the various plant species and wildlife that call this forest home.

Reaching Lulumahu Falls is a true reward for your efforts. The sight of the cascading water against the backdrop of the lush greenery is simply breathtaking. Take a moment to soak in the beauty of this hidden oasis and capture lasting memories with your furry companion. Just remember to leave no trace and respect the natural environment.

Key Highlights:

  • Hidden gem in Oahu
  • Adventure through a bamboo forest
  • 50-foot waterfall
  • Off-the-beaten-path trail

Embark on the adventure of a lifetime and explore the enchanting Lulumahu Falls. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the bamboo forest and let the sounds of nature guide your journey to this stunning waterfall. This dog-friendly hike offers a unique and unforgettable experience for outdoor enthusiasts and their furry companions.

Trail Information Details
Trail Length Short
Difficulty Level Moderate
Hiking Time Approximately 1-2 hours
Reservations Required Yes

Kuliouou Ridge Trail: Panoramic Views and Challenging Hikes in Oahu

For avid hikers looking for a thrilling adventure and breathtaking vistas, the Kuliouou Ridge Trail in Oahu is not to be missed. Spanning 4.7 miles, this moderately challenging out-and-back trail takes you through lush greenery and rewards you with stunning panoramic views of the island.

As you embark on the Kuliouou Ridge Trail, be prepared for varying terrain and inclines that will test your endurance. The trail can get slippery and muddy, especially after rainfall, so sturdy footwear is essential. Along the way, you’ll encounter dense vegetation and picturesque streams, creating a sense of serenity amidst the challenging hike.

Once you reach the ridge, the real magic begins. Panoramic views of Oahu’s majestic mountains and sparkling coastline unfold before your eyes, making all the effort worthwhile. It’s an ideal spot to rest, take in the scenery, and capture memorable photos of the rugged beauty that surrounds you.

When hiking the Kuliouou Ridge Trail with your furry companion, remember to bring plenty of water for both you and your dog. Keep in mind that the trail can be challenging for some dogs, so ensure they are physically capable and have the necessary stamina. Additionally, always keep your dog on a leash and be considerate of other hikers and wildlife you may encounter along the way.

Kuliouou Ridge Trail

Table: Trail Summary

Trail Name Trail Length Difficulty Highlights
Kuliouou Ridge Trail 4.7 miles Moderate Panoramic views, lush greenery


“The Kuliouou Ridge Trail offers a challenging yet rewarding experience for hikers seeking breathtaking views of Oahu. The panoramic vistas from the ridge are simply awe-inspiring.” – Hiking Enthusiast Magazine

Safety is of utmost importance when hiking the Kuliouou Ridge Trail. Always check the weather conditions and be prepared with appropriate gear, including sunscreen, insect repellent, and extra layers in case of changes in temperature. It’s recommended to embark on this hike early in the day to avoid the midday heat and crowds. In return for your efforts, the Kuliouou Ridge Trail promises an unforgettable adventure and memories to last a lifetime.

Koko Crater Arch Trail: Exploring the Iconic Features of Oahu’s Dog-Friendly Hikes

If you’re looking for a dog-friendly hike that combines breathtaking scenery with an adventurous terrain, the Koko Crater Arch Trail is a must-visit on your Oahu itinerary. This moderately challenging trail spans 1.25 miles and takes you across lava rocks and an old tramway, leading you to one of the island’s most iconic features – the Koko Crater Arch.

Koko Crater Arch Trail

The Koko Crater Arch Trail offers a unique and awe-inspiring experience as you traverse the rugged landscape. The trail’s distinctive lava rocks create a dramatic backdrop, highlighting the raw beauty of Oahu’s geological history. As you make your way to the arch, take a moment to soak in the stunning panoramic views that stretch across the island.

While the trail is relatively short, it does present some challenges, such as navigating slippery rocks and steep inclines. However, the rewarding views and the sense of accomplishment make it all worthwhile. Just be sure to wear appropriate footwear and take caution as you explore this captivating trail with your four-legged companion.

Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or simply a nature enthusiast, the Koko Crater Arch Trail promises an unforgettable adventure filled with iconic features and the beauty of Oahu’s natural landscapes. So grab your hiking gear, leash up your furry friend, and embark on this exciting journey through the heart of Oahu’s volcanic terrain.

Lanikai Pill Box

If you’re looking for a challenging hike with breathtaking ocean views, the Lanikai Pill Box trail, also known as the Kaiwa Ridge trail, is the perfect choice. Spanning just 0.8 miles one way, this trail offers a thrilling ascent with steep inclines and loose rocks. The panoramic views from the pillboxes at the top are truly awe-inspiring and make the effort worthwhile.

As you embark on this adventurous hike with your furry friend, be prepared for the challenging terrain. Make sure to wear appropriate footwear that provides traction on slippery surfaces and support for your ankles. Keep your dog on a leash at all times to ensure their safety and the safety of other hikers.

The Lanikai Pill Box trail is not for the faint of heart, but the stunning views of the turquoise ocean and the surrounding islands make it a must-visit for outdoor enthusiasts. Take your time to admire the beauty of Oahu’s coastline and capture the memories with your loyal companion by your side.

dog-friendly hikes with ocean views

Manana Ridge Trail: A Challenging Hike Through the Ko’olau Mountains

The Manana Ridge Trail is a must-try for hiking enthusiasts seeking a challenging and exhilarating adventure in Oahu. Nestled within the breathtaking Ko’olau Mountains, this trail offers hikers the opportunity to immerse themselves in nature while conquering winding paths and steep inclines. The rugged terrain and dense vegetation create an atmosphere of remote wilderness, making this trail a true test of endurance and perseverance.

As you navigate through the Ko’olau Mountains, be prepared for ever-changing landscapes and breathtaking vistas. The trail provides panoramic views of the island, offering a glimpse of both the windward and leeward sides of Oahu on clear days. The stunning beauty of the surrounding mountains, covered in lush greenery, serves as a reminder of the island’s natural wonders.

While this hike offers incredible views and a challenging terrain, come prepared. The Manana Ridge Trail spans a lengthy 12 miles round trip, requiring a good level of physical fitness and stamina. Additionally, the dense vegetation and uneven terrain may pose tripping hazards, so wearing appropriate hiking gear and sturdy footwear is crucial.

Embark on the Manana Ridge Trail with your dog, and together, you can conquer the rugged beauty of the Ko’olau Mountains. Capture the memorable moments and mesmerizing views along the way, creating lasting memories of your hiking adventure in Oahu.

Manana Ridge Trail

Trail Highlights:

  • Challenging 12-mile round trip hike in the Ko’olau Mountains
  • Breathtaking panoramic views of Oahu
  • Dense vegetation and rugged terrain create a sense of remoteness
  • Opportunity to see both the windward and leeward sides of the island

Final Thoughts

Oahu offers an abundance of dog-friendly hikes, making it a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts and their four-legged companions. Whether you prefer an easy stroll or a challenging trek, there is a trail for every fitness level. From the lush forests of Manoa Falls Trail to the panoramic views of Kuliouou Ridge Trail, Oahu showcases the stunning beauty of the island in diverse ways.

When embarking on these hikes, consider your dog’s fitness level and bring enough water to keep both of you hydrated. Additionally, be sure to keep the trails clean by properly disposing of waste and always keep your dog on a leash for everyone’s safety.

Exploring the best dog-friendly hikes in Oahu allows you to forge a deeper connection with nature and create lasting memories with your furry friend. So lace up your hiking shoes, grab your leash, and get ready to embark on an adventure that combines the natural wonders of Oahu with the unconditional love of your dog.


Are dogs allowed on these hikes?

Yes, all of the mentioned hikes are dog-friendly and allow dogs on the trails.

Are there any restrictions for dogs on the trails?

It is recommended to keep your dog on a leash at all times for everyone’s safety. Additionally, be mindful of other hikers and wildlife along the trail.

Are there any specific guidelines for hiking with dogs on Oahu?

Yes, you should bring plenty of water for both you and your dog, and consider your dog’s fitness level before embarking on a challenging hike. Be sure to properly dispose of waste and follow any specific rules or regulations for each trail.

Can I bring my dog off-leash on these hikes?

It is recommended to keep your dog on a leash for everyone’s safety. Some trails may have restrictions or specific rules regarding dogs, so be sure to check before your hike.

Are there any hiking trails that are not suitable for dogs?

While the mentioned trails are generally dog-friendly, some may have specific challenges such as steep inclines or slippery conditions that may not be suitable for all dogs. I recommend that you consider your dog’s fitness level and any limitations they may have before choosing a trail.

Can I bring more than one dog on the hikes?

Yes, you can bring multiple dogs on the hikes, but ensure that you can manage and control all of them safely on the trail. Be considerate of other hikers and their dogs as well.

Are there any age restrictions for dogs on the trails?

There are no specific age restrictions for dogs on the trails, but consider your dog’s physical abilities and fitness level before embarking on a challenging hike.

Can I bring my dog on a stroller or carrier on these hikes?

While some trails may be accessible for strollers or carriers, check the specific trail guidelines and be prepared for any challenges such as uneven terrain or narrow paths.

Can I bring other pets besides dogs on these hikes?

The mentioned hikes are generally dog-friendly, but it’s best to check the specific trail guidelines for any restrictions or guidelines regarding other pets.

Can I book a photoshoot during the hike?

Yes, you can book a photoshoot to capture the beauty of Oahu and your dog’s love for the outdoors. However, be mindful of other hikers and follow any specific rules or guidelines for photography on the trails.

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