In New York City, finding dog-friendly places to eat can be a challenge. However, there are a number of restaurants and cafes that welcome four-legged companions. Whether you’re looking for a casual brunch spot or a cozy dinner spot, here are 11 dog-friendly places to eat in NYC.

From waterfront views to fancy dining experiences, these dog-friendly establishments in NYC offer a variety of options for you and your furry friend to enjoy. So, let’s dive into the list and discover the best dog-friendly restaurants and cafes in the city!

Key Takeaways:

  • NYC offers a range of dog-friendly places to eat.
  • From casual brunch spots to cozy dinner spots, there’s something for everyone.
  • Make sure to call ahead and confirm that dogs are welcome.
  • Follow any guidelines or restrictions that may be in place.
  • Enjoy exploring these 11 dog-friendly places to eat in NYC!

Enjoy Waterfront Views and Good Food at Boat Basin Cafe

When it comes to dog-friendly dining options in New York City, Boat Basin Cafe is a must-visit spot. Located on the Upper West Side, this charming restaurant offers breathtaking waterfront views of the Hudson River. It’s the perfect place to enjoy a meal while soaking in the serene atmosphere.

Boat Basin Cafe is built into an elevated stone structure, giving it a unique and picturesque setting. The outdoor seating area is dog-friendly, allowing you to bring your furry companion along for a memorable dining experience. Whether you’re looking for a casual lunch or a romantic dinner, Boat Basin Cafe has something for everyone.

The menu at Boat Basin Cafe features a variety of options, including standard bar food and a range of delicious salads. Indulge in mouthwatering burgers, crispy fries, and refreshing cocktails while enjoying the company of your four-legged friend.

So, if you’re looking for a dog-friendly restaurant with stunning waterfront views, look no further than Boat Basin Cafe. Treat yourself and your pup to a memorable dining experience that combines good food with a picturesque setting.

dog friendly dining in New York City

Dine with Your Dog at Barking Dog

If you’re looking for a dog-friendly restaurant in NYC, look no further than Barking Dog on the Upper East Side. This family-friendly eatery is known for its enthusiastic welcome to four-legged companions. With ample sidewalk seating and doggy water fountains, it’s the perfect spot to enjoy a meal with your furry friend.

The menu at Barking Dog offers a variety of options to satisfy both humans and dogs alike. From egg-centric dishes and fresh salads to comfort foods like mac and cheese and braised short rib, there’s something for everyone. And of course, don’t forget to treat your pup with their own selection of dog-friendly meals and snacks.

What sets Barking Dog apart is its commitment to creating a welcoming atmosphere for dogs. The restaurant’s dog-friendly patio provides a comfortable space for your furry friend to relax while you enjoy your meal. So whether you’re looking to grab brunch on a lazy weekend morning or enjoy a casual dinner with friends, Barking Dog is a must-visit spot for dog owners in NYC.

Customer Reviews:

“I love taking my dog to Barking Dog! The outdoor seating is perfect and the staff is always friendly and accommodating. Plus, the food is delicious for both humans and dogs!” – Karen D.

“Barking Dog is our go-to spot for Sunday brunch with our pup. The doggy water fountains are such a thoughtful touch, and the menu has a great variety of options. Highly recommend!” – Mike S.

So why wait? Plan your next outing with your furry friend and enjoy a delicious meal at Barking Dog. With its dog-friendly patio, welcoming atmosphere, and tasty menu options, it’s one of the best dog-friendly restaurants in NYC.

dog-friendly patio at Barking Dog

Enjoy Live Music and Outdoor Seating at LIC Bar

When it comes to dog-friendly dining in New York City, LIC Bar is a hidden gem. Located in Long Island City, this unfussy neighborhood bar offers the perfect combination of live music, outdoor seating, and a warm welcome for your four-legged friend.

With its spacious outdoor patio, LIC Bar provides a comfortable and relaxed setting to grab a drink and enjoy the company of your furry companion. Whether you’re looking to unwind after a long day or catch some live music on weekends, this dog-friendly spot has something for everyone.

dog friendly dining in New York City

While you sip on your favorite craft beer or cocktail, your pooch can socialize with other dogs in the outdoor area. LIC Bar often hosts live music events and trivia nights, creating a vibrant atmosphere that both you and your dog will appreciate.

So, next time you’re looking for a dog-friendly spot to relax and enjoy some live music, head over to LIC Bar. With its inviting outdoor seating and warm hospitality, it’s the perfect place to spend quality time with your furry friend.

Treat Your Pup to a Fancy Meal at The Wilson

If you’re looking for a dog-friendly restaurant in NYC that offers a truly luxurious dining experience for both you and your furry friend, look no further than The Wilson. This Chelsea establishment prides itself on providing top-notch cuisine for pets, with a dog menu that boasts delectable options such as grilled ribeye steak, pan-roasted salmon, and grilled chicken breast. These mouthwatering dishes are sure to make your pup feel like a VIP.

The Wilson also offers a delightful dining experience for humans, with a side patio and front terrace where you can savor your own meal while enjoying the company of your pet. The restaurant’s elegant ambiance and attentive service create the perfect setting for an indulgent evening out with your four-legged companion.

So, why wait? Treat your pup to a fancy meal at The Wilson and experience the true meaning of dog-friendly dining in NYC.

dog friendly restaurants NYC

Testimonial from a satisfied customer:

“The Wilson is a hidden gem in NYC! Not only did they offer impeccable service and delicious food for both me and my dog, but the atmosphere was also incredibly welcoming. It’s rare to find a restaurant that truly caters to pups, and The Wilson exceeded all my expectations. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a memorable dining experience with their furry friend.”

Dine Outdoors at Cookshop in Chelsea

Cookshop, located in the charming neighborhood of Chelsea, is a popular choice for New Yorkers looking to enjoy a delightful outdoor dining experience with their furry companions. With its inviting and spacious outdoor seating area on 10th Avenue, Cookshop provides a lovely sidewalk ambiance that is perfect for a relaxing meal with your dog.

The menu at Cookshop offers a range of delicious New American dishes that are sure to satisfy any palate. Whether you’re craving a hearty breakfast, classic brunch favorites like buttermilk pancakes and huevos rancheros, or a mouthwatering selection of awesome Bloody Mary varieties, Cookshop has something for everyone.

dog friendly dining in New York City

“Cookshop provides a lovely sidewalk ambiance that is perfect for a relaxing meal with your dog.”

When visiting Cookshop, you can expect exceptional service and a warm, welcoming atmosphere. The staff is friendly and accommodating, ensuring both you and your dog feel right at home. dogs are welcome only in the outdoor seating area, so be sure to plan accordingly and enjoy the fresh air while savoring your meal.

So, if you’re searching for dog friendly dining in New York City, Cookshop in Chelsea is a fantastic choice. With its outdoor seating area, delicious menu options, and pet-friendly atmosphere, it’s no wonder why it’s a neighborhood favorite. Treat yourself and your furry friend to a memorable dining experience at Cookshop.

Enjoy a Burger with Your Pooch at Shake Shack

Shake Shack, the iconic fast-food chain, has a location in Madison Square Park where dogs are welcome. This dog-friendly spot has plenty of outdoor seating, perfect for enjoying a delicious burger or a milkshake alongside your furry friend. They even offer specially made dog biscuits for your pooch to enjoy.

Shake Shack Dog Friendly Restaurant

Shake Shack is known for its mouth-watering burgers made from high-quality ingredients. Whether you prefer a classic ShackBurger or a specialty burger like the SmokeShack with bacon and cherry pepper relish, there’s something for everyone on the menu. Pair your burger with some crispy crinkle-cut fries and a refreshing frozen custard shake for the ultimate indulgence.

What sets Shake Shack apart is their commitment to providing a dog-friendly dining experience. They understand that dogs are part of the family and deserve to be included in the fun. The outdoor seating area is spacious, allowing your pup to relax while you savor your meal.

So next time you’re craving a tasty burger and want to enjoy it with your furry companion, head over to Shake Shack in Madison Square Park. Treat yourself and your pooch to a memorable dining experience at this beloved dog-friendly spot in NYC.

Sample Craft Beers at d.b.a. in the East Village

If you’re a craft beer enthusiast looking for a dog-friendly spot in the East Village, look no further than d.b.a. This New Orleans-themed bar offers a wide selection of craft beers and whiskeys, making it a must-visit destination for beer connoisseurs. The best part? Dogs are welcome both on the roomy back patio and occasionally even indoors, so you can enjoy your favorite brews alongside your furry friend.

At d.b.a., you’ll find an ever-rotating variety of craft beers on tap from breweries near and far. From hoppy IPAs to rich stouts, there’s something to suit every palate. If whiskey is more your style, d.b.a. also boasts an impressive selection of bourbons, ryes, and scotches. Their knowledgeable staff can even help you find the perfect pairing for your drink of choice.

With its lively atmosphere and friendly service, d.b.a. is the perfect place to unwind and enjoy a cold one with your four-legged companion. Whether you choose to relax on the spacious back patio or cozy up indoors, you’re sure to have a great time at this dog-friendly bar in the heart of the East Village.

So, the next time you’re in the mood for a craft beer experience and want to bring your pup along, head over to d.b.a. in the East Village. Cheers to good company, great brews, and the joy of sharing those moments with your furry best friend.

dog friendly bars NYC

Why d.b.a. is a Great Choice for Dog Owners

d.b.a. stands out as a top choice for dog owners in NYC because of its welcoming pet policy and relaxed atmosphere. Here are a few reasons why dog owners love visiting d.b.a.:

  • Spacious back patio: The roomy back patio provides ample space for dogs to stretch their legs and relax while you enjoy your drink.
  • Dog-friendly indoors: While many dog-friendly establishments limit canine companions to outdoor areas, d.b.a. goes the extra mile by allowing dogs indoors when space permits.
  • Extensive craft beer selection: Craft beer enthusiasts will appreciate the ever-changing selection of beers on tap, featuring both local and international brews.
  • Variety of whiskeys: If you’re a whiskey lover, d.b.a.’s extensive whiskey collection is sure to impress, offering a range of flavors and styles.
  • Lively atmosphere: With its New Orleans-inspired vibes and friendly staff, d.b.a. creates an inviting atmosphere where you can socialize and relax with your pup.

Dine with Your Dog at Five Leaves in Williamsburg

When it comes to dog-friendly restaurants in NYC, Five Leaves in Williamsburg is a must-visit. This popular spot not only welcomes dogs inside but also provides a spacious patio for your furry friend to enjoy the outdoors. The relaxed and inviting atmosphere makes it the perfect place to grab a meal with your pet.

The menu at Five Leaves offers a wide range of options, ensuring there is something for everyone. From brunch favorites like avocado toast and fluffy pancakes to hearty burgers and fresh seafood, there is no shortage of delicious choices. And don’t worry, your pup won’t be left out – Five Leaves even offers a dog-friendly menu with treats and snacks just for them.

Highlights of Five Leaves in Williamsburg:
Spacious patio for dogs to relax
Extensive menu with brunch favorites, burgers, and seafood
Dog-friendly menu with treats and snacks

So why not treat yourself and your furry friend to a memorable dining experience at Five Leaves? Whether you’re enjoying a leisurely brunch or a cozy dinner, this dog-friendly restaurant in Williamsburg is sure to delight both you and your pup.

Five Leaves

What People Are Saying:

“Five Leaves is the perfect spot to enjoy a meal with my dog. The staff is incredibly friendly and welcoming, and the patio provides a great outdoor space for my furry companion. The food is always delicious, and I love that they have a menu specially tailored for dogs. Highly recommend!” – Sarah

Enjoy Beer and Games at Duckduck in Bed-Stuy

Duckduck is a welcoming neighborhood bar located in the lively neighborhood of Bed-Stuy in Brooklyn, New York. This dog-friendly establishment offers a laid-back atmosphere where you can enjoy a refreshing craft beer and unwind with your furry friend by your side.

At Duckduck, you’ll find a diverse selection of craft beers and cocktails to suit any taste. Whether you prefer a hoppy IPA or a smooth bourbon cocktail, they have something for everyone. As you sip on your drink, you can engage in friendly competition with a game of shuffleboard or simply relax and enjoy the company of fellow dog-loving patrons.

The bar features a back outdoor patio where dogs are welcome, providing a comfortable space for you and your pup to enjoy the fresh air and soak up the lively atmosphere. Inside, you might even find other friendly canine visitors mingling with the crowd, creating a warm and inclusive environment.

Notable Features of Duckduck:

  • Crafted selection of beers and cocktails
  • Outdoor patio area for dog-friendly seating
  • Shuffleboard for entertainment
  • Inclusive and welcoming atmosphere

Whether you’re a local or just passing through, Duckduck is a must-visit destination for dog owners looking for a fun and dog-friendly bar experience in NYC. So grab your four-legged friend, head to Bed-Stuy, and enjoy an evening of great drinks, games, and friendly company at Duckduck.

dog friendly bars in NYC

Discover Dog Friendly Dining Experiences in NYC

New York City is a haven for dog lovers, and fortunately, there are plenty of restaurants that allow you to dine with your furry friend. Whether you’re looking for a leisurely brunch or a quick bite, there’s a dog friendly spot for you and your pup to enjoy.

When it comes to dog friendly brunch spots in NYC, Barking Dog on the Upper East Side is a must-visit. With its ample outdoor seating and refreshing doggy water fountains, it’s the perfect spot to start your day with a delicious meal alongside your loyal companion. The menu offers a range of egg-centric dishes, comforting mac and cheese, and succulent braised short rib.

If you’re in the mood for a waterfront dining experience, Boat Basin Cafe on the Upper West Side is the place to be. Situated along the Hudson River, this elevated stone structure offers breathtaking views and a relaxed ambiance. Enjoy a casual meal while your furry friend relaxes at your side. The menu features classic bar food and a variety of fresh salads.

So next time you’re craving a meal in the Big Apple, don’t worry about leaving your four-legged friend behind. Check out these NYC restaurants that allow dogs and discover a whole new world of dog-friendly dining experiences.


Are these dog-friendly places suitable for all breeds and sizes of dogs?

Yes, these dog-friendly places in NYC welcome dogs of all breeds and sizes.

Do I need to make a reservation in advance to bring my dog?

It is recommended to call ahead and confirm that dogs are welcome and whether reservations are required.

Are there any restrictions or guidelines I need to follow when dining with my dog?

Each establishment may have its own guidelines or restrictions, such as leash requirements or designated seating areas. I recommend that you follow any rules set by the restaurant to ensure a pleasant experience for everyone.

Can I bring my dog inside the restaurants or are they only allowed on outdoor patios?

Some restaurants allow dogs indoors, while others only permit them on outdoor patios. It’s best to check with each specific restaurant for their policy.

Are there any specific rules or regulations for bringing dogs to these establishments?

While most dog-friendly places have their own rules and regulations, common practices include keeping dogs on a leash, ensuring they are well-behaved and not disruptive to other guests, and cleaning up after them.

Are these places only open for specific meals, such as breakfast or brunch?

These establishments offer a range of meal options, including breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner. It’s best to check their operating hours for specific meal availability.

Are there any additional fees or charges for bringing my dog?

Most restaurants do not charge additional fees for bringing dogs, but it’s always a good idea to check with the establishment beforehand.

Can I bring my dog’s own food to these establishments?

While some dog-friendly places may allow you to bring your dog’s food, it’s best to check with the restaurant beforehand.

Are there any nearby parks or dog-friendly areas where I can take my dog before or after dining?

Many of these establishments are located near parks or other dog-friendly areas where you can take your dog for a walk or playtime before or after dining. It’s worth exploring the surrounding neighborhood for these options.

Are these places suitable for dining with multiple dogs?

Most of these establishments are accommodating to multiple dogs, but it’s always a good idea to call ahead and inform them if you plan to bring more than one dog.

Can I bring other pets, such as cats, to these establishments?

These establishments are primarily dog-friendly and may not allow other pets. It’s best to check with each specific restaurant for their policy on pets other than dogs.

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